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 Hej igen, 

På klubben är det banden/arrangörer som ordnar sina egna event och hyr vår lokal med befintligt PA/banckline samt tekniker på plats. Vi har plats för 50 per högst och det gäller för sluten sällskap.
Entren kan ligga mellan 50-200 sek som är bandets ensak. Vi hjälper med allt praktiska och även via hemsidan, FB sidor spridder infot om giget osv. Gästerna kommer endast för musiken och kan tag med sig drycken osv så det blir mer intimt och intressant för alla inblandade. 
PA & backline på Hijazz klubb för rep/studio verksamhet:
Gretsch Katalina klubb 18 baskagge,12hp.14 gp, 14 virvel. GK BASstärkare Backline 115.175 Wats. KUSTOM Celestion HV 65 gitarrstärkare 2st. Mackie 350 monitorer 3 st. Mackie aktive sub. 4 SM 58.4 st Beta 57 instrument mic. Trummick kitShure. 6 st mickstativ hög, 4 korta. Percussion kit. Congas, Chembe, darbuka osv.
Mixerbord Soundkraft Spirit FX 16 med digital effekt processor.
Roland Di 85 piano och akustisk piano


 Celal Alparslans foto.







BluesJam på Hijazz  24/10, 7/11 SAMT KONSERT 9/11 MED 

Muddy Beans



 · Värd: Celal Alparslan och 2 andra 
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 Välkomna till bluesjam. Tag med din gitarr, bas, trumstockar, keyboard eller munspel. Backline finns på Hijazz. Vi startar klockan 19.00 med husbandet och första jam börjar ca 19.40. 
Husbandet består av Aldo Donatello, Thor-Björn Jönsson, Kjell Olofsson och Fredrik Schöning. 
Anmälan; hijazzklubb@gmail.com
Arrangör: BluesJam bandet & Bilda Öst Uppsala
Entre alltså är 50 SEK
OBS; Allt inom backline finnes, akustisk/digital piano, trumset och en hel del starkare att välja emellan osv.. 

Arr; Bilda Öst Uppsala 

HUMUS Release Party At Klubb Hijazz

 · Värd: Humus2000  
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... ON TRACK ! Efter snart ett års hårt arbete, slit, svett, tinnitus och 16 flashiga nya låtar firar vi frisläppningen av vårt nya album "Thought You Had A Back-Up Plan" på Klubb Hijazz Okt-13 med en oerhört fantastisk spelning! 

Gamla KLASSIKER, nya HITS och framtida "EMMY AWARD WINNERS" utlovas ;)! 

Konserten arrangeras av Humus och Bilda Öst.

OBS! Biljettinköp för inträde gäller! 

Swisha 50 kr till 070 268 23 70, så grejar vi resten! 

Ses den 13:e på Klubb Hijazz! 





Bee Appleseed & Nora Keyes (Godyssey Music, LA) at Hijazz

 · Värd: Godyssey Music och Bee Appleseed


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    Bee Appleseed (USA) 
Eveny; Hijazz Klubb, Östra Ågatan 93 
Anm; hijazzklubb@gmail.com 
Arr; Bilda Öst Uppsala 
Entre; 100: SEK P/PBee Appleseed is a 21st Century freedom seeker from Portland, Oregon, living in Los Angeles. He's a singer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, poet, actor, and seasoned vagabond with a treasure trove of home recordings predating his July 2018 debut LP, Backpacker Blues, which he wrote during a three year period of traveling and performing concerts across nearly fifty countries in Europe and South America. The music he makes can be described as cosmic rock and roll with roots in American folk music and his concerts are like psychedelic experiences, taking audiences to great heights and depths, usually improvised making no concert ever the same, though rarely do the shows not end with everybody singing along, clapping, and dancing! Bee is a lighthearted entertainer with a golden love for the road and all those open to sharing the journey.Nora Keyes is an experimental vocalist, songwriter, painter, and long-standing contributor to the Los Angeles underground music scene. She has developed a unique hypnotic vocal style that is soulful, ethereal, and unfixed in this dimension. Through her solo work and bands Rococo Jet, The Centimeters, and Fancy Space People (collaborating with Don Bolles of The Germs, 45 Grave, Ariel Pink, etc), she has earned a local cult status. Her debut album, Mysterium Tremens (out ‪September 21st) is a sonic journery into the borderlands of perceived reality. Hitting on themes where, synchronicities, de ja vu, mutual dreams, a sense of connection with lost loved ones & visions intertwine. Her projects have shared stages with The Smashing Pumpkins, Love & Rockets, Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzende Neubauten), Ariel Pink, Suicide, David J (Bauhaus), Julia Holter, Quintron, Carla Bozlvitch, Geneva Jacuzzi, & The Sweet.Together, Nora and Bee have started a record label to put out theirs and other releases called Godyssey Music and are embarking on a European tour performing separate sets and an improvised performance together, all of which will be recorded for a live compilation on the label. Audiences are likely to feel elevated, connected, and transformed during this unique cultural experience as the pair bridge the gap between California and the world through layers of cosmic sound.Bee Appleseed - "Another Time" (video) 
Bee Appleseed - "This Must Be Life" (video)
Bee Appleseed - "All Is Forgiven" (live video)
https://open.spotify.com/artist/6J7itDkogXglNmlfOVS00u?si=ZY3D7j3jRCq5hK0_v6_mMA"One of the best psych albums of 2018" - Psychgazer"There’s something about Appleseed that really hooks you while the music is hypnotic. You’ll definitely want to lean closer when listening." - Earbuddy"A fantasy psychedelic jamboree at which special guests might include Allen Ginsberg and Burroughs, Ken Kesey, Karen Dalton, Perhacs, and Devendra Banhart." - Folk Radio UK"With his stuttering drawl and groovy saxophone, Bee Appleseed & The Cosmic family have crafted a tune that will 100% be stuck in your head all day." - Brightest Young Things"Big philosophy, and a big sound, this LA band should be making big progress with 'Backpackers Blues'." - Americana UK"Always exciting and multi-faceted artist" - Vents Magazine"We're pleased to bring you Bee Appleseed" - New Noise"Given what a long, strange trip it’s been for both Appleseed and Backpacker Blues, we’re keenly aware that when he mentions words like “journey” and “traveled,” he knows of what he speaks." - Magnet Magazine"The well-played and best-sung songs are priceless" - Umbigo Magazine"Hot new shit...A pragmatic romantic who carries freedom in his guitar case and tells us how good it can sometimes be to leave everything behind!" - Volume MagazineNORA KEYES - Open Door (VIDEO)
https://www.facebook.com/FancySpacePeopleNora Keyes & The Rococo Jet craft haunted lullabies that free the mind from its flesh and launch it on an intergalactic journey. – Buzz Bands LAThe unblinking bulging eyes of the furie that is Nora Keyes. She thrusted her arms forward as if to rip the heart from an invisible demon, then tossed her head back and howled across three octaves - she is, effectively, a one woman rock opera finding drama and glamour in every measure. – L.A. WeeklyThe vocal work is clearly the focus, and there are elements of haunting Irish vocal group Clannad in there, the women combining elegantly and beautifully to create something majestic. – Music ConnectionNora Keyes has been a fixture in the LA underground music scene since the mid-90s. She's also hosted a popular weekly local club with erstwhile Germs drummer Don Bolles called Club Ding-a-Ling (now Ye Olde Hushe Clubbe). But what many of Keyes’ cult followers don't realize is that she's a classically trained painter, and her art is just as awe-inspiring, transgressive, and culturally significant as her music. – Vice MagazineMusic created by Keyes can be just as dense and elegant, haunting and lingering. Tracks like Rococo Jet’s “Dream Party” offer a fascinating backdrop to her visual work, even if the pairing was never intended. All amount to a moniker Keyes gives herself on her website: “sonic visualist.” – High FructoseNORA & BEE - Sample Improv Performance (live video)
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Freddie Nyström Band - Live på Hijazz

 · Värd: Freddie Nyström


 Blues och bluesrock på Svenska! 
Bandet spelar eget material med samtida svenska originaltexter i en klassisk sättning på sång, gitarr, hammond, bas och trummor. 
Vinnare av Dusty Road Blues Challenge 2017! 
Arr. Bilda Öst Uppsala 
Entre 100 :- Cash / Swich 0734279919

Freddie Nyström - gitarr & sång
Staffan Dahl - hammond
Gunnar Kungur - bas 
Uffe Jansson – trummor

Varmt välkommen!

Arr: Bilda Öst Uppsala

Jimmy Z & Slidin' Slim at Hijazz  



 · Vär
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on't sleep on this. It's gonna be a great show!
Slidin’ Slim – guitar, vocals
Jimmy Z – vocals, harp, sax 
Arr; Bilda öst uppsala 
entre; 100:- 

Muddy Beans at Hijazz Uppsala  


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Muddy Beans spelar en blandning av Blues och Bluesrock med lite twist! 3 set lång musika fton!
Bandet består av ;
Marlene på sång
Bosse på bas
Anders på keyboard
Lasse är batterist
Tomas på gitarr
Swisha ; 100:- 0734352538 
Anm; hijazzklubb@gmail.com 
Arr; Tomas Mäkinen & Bilda Öst Uppsala


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